Welcome to my blog!  I am Janick Léonard, author of the book Make This Your Best Life, founder of Yoga of the Seasons, mom of two daughters, wife and entrepreneur.

I have been on a path of self-discovery since I was just a little girl. I am always evolving in my quest to find the meaning of life and to fulfill my dharma. I get most of my inspirations from my meditation practice and my main focus is to help you discover the hidden power of meditation to create the life you really dream of.

I love to read books on personal growth and I am a big fan of Wayne W. Dyer and Joe Dispenza’s work. I am a seeker of Truth, I am always looking for the latest discoveries on human behavior, quantum physics and how our spiritual nature can now be better understood by science. I always believed that any idea is a good idea even if sometimes it sounds crazy… so yes, I love being around people who sometimes sound weird or out of this world!

For more than twenty years, I have studied and practice many different types of meditation, yoga, reiki, applied kinesiology, shamanism, ayurveda and metaphysics. I am a certified metaphysician from the Spiritual arts Institute and I also have been teaching yoga and meditation for more than fifteen years.

I often read that I am a real trailblazer for the yoga community in Quebec, Canada. I guess it is because I have initiated the International yoga and music festival Wanderlust in my community, I also produced a TEDx Women event when nobody really knew about Tedx… I created a way of teaching yoga for the people living through the changes of seasons (climate different than India) and I created an online learning platform for yoga teachers in Quebec and France to learn about  ”Yoga des Saisons”.

I now put my energy into offering online programs based on the teachings in my book and  training yoga teachers worldwide to adapt their yoga classes for each season. I love speaking to large audience of women entrepreneurs and moms on how to connect and follow their purpose while creating an abundant and happy life.

Today, at age forty-five, I love to unplug to spend time with my family and our little Westie around our country house in Mont-Tremblant, Quebec.