The way you get into a negative thinking pattern could probably be in the way you wake up and start your day. If youknew how powerful it is to start your day with a routine that serves as a time to create your day before it unfolds, you would definitely rethink how you get up in the morning and maybe bring more mindfulness into this precious first few minutes upon awakening.


Watch the video I prepared for you HERE

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How does your morning routine look like?


Is it more like this?

You hear the alarm clock, open your eyes, turn it off and out of the bed you go, both feet on the ground, go to your bathroom sink, brush your teeth, have a shower, put your clothes on – and maybe some make-up – get yourself some breakfast and out the door, your day starts. You are going to a job that isn’t really using your talents but it pays the bills. You have to do what you have to do! Then something happens that gets you mad, stressed out or angry and the crazyness starts rolling! Even if you try to hide the way you feel, your inner state is off balance and then the day goes by and if you don’t know how to deal with that right away, you are stuck and every little thing that pushes your buttons feeds that negative state even more.


What if you would start your day like this?

You hear the birds sing, you open your eyes and see the sunlight starting to fill your bedroom, you take a deep breath, you have a smile on your face and feel grateful for this beautiful day, you notice which nostril is dominant and you put your dominant foot on the ground first to get the enrgies flowing right; you go to your bathroom sink, splash some cold water on your face, scrape your tongue and swish some sesame oil. You get your meditation clothes on, get a nice cup of hot water, then sit for your morning meditation. You are inspired because you have another beautiful day ahead of you to use your gifts and talents. You feel totally self-actualized. You know you are emanating abundance in all areas of your life and you find a solution to every challenge that presents itself. You feel ressourceful and calm and it seems like your day is filled with wonderful opportunities to support you in living the life you intend to live.


Sometimes we look at many ways to improve our life and we don’t even consider that our morning routine can make a world of difference.


I really believe that as soon as I get up, I emanate the life I want to see unfold. Yes sometimes, it is not the way I would like it to be, sometimes I get stressed out, angry, impatient, sad or even a little depressed and then my day starts and I know what I have to do but I just don’t feel like doing it!


I stay in my lower vibrations and I feed my negative inner state by thinking more negative thoughts and feeling that emotion. It is crazy how powerful is the mind! It can really make or break my day… and usually when I get into those lower vibrations, I stay there for more than a day or two. And it sticks with me until I can’t bare it anymore that I have to work very intently to get back into cultivating gratitude.


Here the three steps I’d like to share today:


FIRST: I stop my negative thoughts or emotions as soon as I realize I am feeding it. I say internaly say NO as soon as I catch myself in it.

SECOND:  I switch my attention to the way I want to feel. Ususally it is GRATITUDE. I start repeating outlood, «thank you for…. I am so grateful for….» and I add all of the goals and how I want to live my life. I stay with this for at least 2 minutes.

THIRD: It doesn’t take too long that I am already back on track to manifesting a life filled with joy, positive vibes and the inner knowing that everything is perfectly aligned with my purpose. I am living and breathing the life I intend to live. I stay vigilant to keep myself at the highest vibration as possible!