Are you really ready to live a conscious life, awakened, aware and maybe experience enligntenment?

I am asking you if you are ready, because sometimes, when worries take so much space in your life, you can identify yourself with the stress and the source of the fears and worries. To let go and release them might be harder than you expected. Can you relate to this?

The way we are and the way we react feeds this vicious cycle. But you may not know how to do otherwise! The fear of being different arises …

Awareness can be possible within emptiness, and emptiness might be so uncomfortable that you feel the urgency to fill it up…

Awareness is being aware that you are aware. When this happens, there is a world of possibility for you where you can have an experience of enlightenment.

Enlightenment is what your soul wants. It wants to see through the veil of illusions. It wants to know the truth. It wants to be at one with everything.

So maybe that’s what we all want but we are not ready to let go of all the illusions, the separation, the individuality that we love so much from our mundane lives.

In the program «27 days to Make this Your Best Life», you have some time to reflect on all those things, experiences, triggers and emotions from your life. Everything that keeps you from getting what you really want, because it takes your attention away from what’s real. It keeps you in the illusion that you are separate from everything out there… and it keeps your mind busy so you won’t have to listen and be available for insights coming from your heart.

To manifest your true heart’s desires, you need to learn to live differently and allow empty space within you or in your life. And to live in awareness every day requires rigorous conscious attention. As soon as stress takes over your body, you have to train your non-reaction muscle. The more your train, the more you can lift the veil of illusions and the closer you get to Samadhi or Enlightenment.

Enlightenment transforms the person for life. Enlightenment, is not what we think it is… «only monks living in bliss in a cave are enlightened». Enlightenment, is an experience when the person has a glimpse of her essence, or the field, or an extra-sensory experience with her 6th sense. Enlightenment is a spiritual awakening that has been measured scientifically. (ref) It is like fireworks happening in your brain, and the brain is transformed for good after that. That’s when your life changes because you see and experience things differently and you are no longer the same person.

So what do you really want? And are you ready to get it… Mindfully?