Anxiety is part of daily living. Everybody, and from a young age, experiences certain fears, stress, and worry when faced with life situations. When fear becomes ever-present  and threatening to the point where it interferes with our enjoyment of activities or the ability to deal with everyday obligations in a naturally healthy way, it becomes an anxiety disorder.

Autumn is known to come with its share of anxiety-inducing events. Children may feel apprehensive about going back to school. Adults returning to work and trying to juggle the obligations of career, social life, and family can feel disorganised and stressed.

Fortunately, there are tools to help us overcome anxiety, and yoga is one of them. It has been proved that the regular practice of yoga and meditation, even brief, can help restore inner tranquility and stability. Practicing conscious breathing keeps us in the now and prevents the “hamster” of your thoughts from racing in obsessive circles. Meditation, for its part, can help us deal with challenges more objectively and calmly, while some yoga poses can truly restore self-confidence and self-esteem. Set aside just 10 minutes of your day to change your life!