The basis of all yoga postures stems from your contact with the earth. But how can you draw maximum benefits from this teaching in everyday life, once you leave the mat?

When you think about being grounded, it’s also about being anchored, stability, assurance, balance and strength, presence and the present moment: everything that naturally emerges from regular meditation. However, it is possible to cultivate grounding by making small changes to your everyday life.

Here are just a few examples:

Have a daily ritual: it’s one of the best ways of cultivating grounding no matter where you are. You see it in children as soon as they are forced to break away from their routine: they become distracted and agitated. It’s the same thing for us! Think about what happens when you travel or face an important change in your life; it’s hard to feel stable, because you lose your roots, your foundation. Therefore, it’s important to create a ritual dedicated to internalization every day, kind of like stopping time, which will allow you to come back to what you know.

Eat root vegetables: Food has an energetic effect on the physical, as well as mental and emotional body. The energy drawn from the ground will enhance this element in your cells and at the same time, your connection to the earth and your ability to recenter yourself.

Disconnect from social media: Unless social media presence is part of your work, try to use them in small doses. It’s well known that they cause us to get caught up in daydreaming, and take us further away from our fundamental values, increasing feelings of envy. Nothing could be more toxic in terms of separating you from your roots!

Go on a technology fast: Anything linked to technology reduces our ability to stay in the present moment. One day a week, try not to use your computer, your television and your smartphone. You’ll rediscover how present you can be during life’s precious moments without letting yourself be interrupted by instant messages or the latest news in your feed!

Go play outside: Being out in nature feeds your body with prana and allows you to take a break from your hectic everyday life. Go breathe in some fresh air by taking a walk, build a snowman, go swimming outdoors, walk barefoot on the grass or try an activity in the forest. Nature is calming and will help you get in touch with the peace that lives inside you.

These examples can seem basic, but make an effort to put them into practice in order to recreate the grounding you feel after a good yoga class. You’ll feel the benefits of simplicity, which is not very sought after nowadays, but remains so essential.

In fact, grounding literally translates into your ability to strongly stay in the present moment with every instant that passes.