Being a yogi with the discipline of practicing meditation for many years has served me well. I can easily turn the switch off and be in the present moment even when times are hectic. It has served me as a mother, as a business owner and in my daily life. It keeps my head clear and I easily manage any stressful situations with detachment.

My summer vacation brought me confirmation that it is really difficult, in this “instant communication” world, to really disconnect from the virtual and to authentically connect with the moments we share with our loved ones. Even with years of practice, I was challenged by not being connected! Do you see yourself? Is it difficult for you to be in the moment without having to worry about the next phone call, text or Twitter post?

This fall, try to disconnect at least 15 minutes per day and tune inward in silence or just try to be present with your family and friends without the anticipation of the next instant message… enjoy the moment! And please, don’t even think about sharing this moment with the world on Facebook because you’re not doing it the right way!!!