Anyone can practice yoga, and everyone can adapt it to his or her own needs. No matter what you call it – Iron yoga, yoga for cyclists, pre-ski yoga – it is all essentially the same discipline: Hatha yoga.

Like Olympic athletes, Ironman participants undergo a rigorous routine of training, diet, and rest. Some find that adding yoga to an already demanding schedule simply isn’t possible. Others, however, have managed to add yoga to their training and have felt and enjoyed its many benefits.

Like an Ironman competition, yoga helps strengthen the body/mind connection. Mental strength is crucial for the body to accomplish such extreme physical feats. Yoga supplies the tools the athlete needs at a mental level while helping prevent injuries and speeding recovery after training and competitions.

An effective way to incorporate yoga into a busy schedule is to set aside 20 minutes each day for exercises devoted to breathing, specific postures, and a short period of meditation upon awakening.

Yoga clinics for triathletes are given throughout the summer on the beach near the Ironman base camp. Details at www.yogatremblant.com/ironman