Neuroplasticity is a term that describes the mechanisms by which the brain is able to change while learning. The brain has the ability to create, undo or reorganise the pathways and synapses created by the neurons. It was initially thought that brain development occurred only in childhood, but one of the latest great findings in neuroscience is that we all have access to this capacity to undo, rebuild, and create new neural pathways, even as adults.

Since the brain is constantly reconfiguring its networks, and yoga prompts us to move differently (compared with an activity like running, which is the repetition of a familiar gesture), it opens up  the possibility of creating new neural pathways that could help us to increase our capacity to solve problems, discover new ideas or simply think differently. The body allows us to renew ourselves continually at all levels, a capacity that extends to injuries or lesions.

If you want to create new neural pathways to access different ideas or views about life’s challenges, try yoga! Yoga poses, which can be unusual, make this form of learning ideal for our grey matter.

Source :  fr.wikipedia.org