A friend of mine decided to take up yoga for the stretching and to perform better at his favourite activity, which is cycling.

As it turns out, his yoga practice has opened up a world of possibilities! He told me today that after just a few months, he has learned to better control his breathing and has increased his lung capacity; he is able to get “into the zone” more quickly and easily; that the lingering back ache he thought would never disappear is gone; that his inner strength and concentration have improved exponentially; and that he has learned to enjoy being in the moment without thinking about competing. He feels calm, serene, and detached from the need to perform.

As a yoga teacher, I think his cycling season will be vastly improved by the openness he has created throughout his body through good breathing techniques. Even if performance has taken a back seat, his ability to be alert will help him achieve his goals, whether it’s to win or simply to enjoy his sport while maintaining his health at an optimal level! Try this yoga routine: Yoga for cyclists