Meditation & Truth Seeker

Helping You Find Why You Are Here.  

Transcending Transformation

This journey is no longer about you.  

I am committed to  help you awaken to the Truth of this world we live in, teach you how to meditate and connect with the Light within you. 

Be ready for some Life Transforming Experiences!


Healing Coherence Sessions

Release emotional blocages, let go of your own limitations and live a life free of drama. 

I use different modalities that can transform yourself on the energetic level. From there you can really take charge of your own life and participate in this Great Awakening of humanity.

Helping You Live Peacefully

Unlock Your Full Potential. Say Hello to the

Light Within You

Sometimes life keeps us on a path that we feel we haven’t really chose or is no longer fulfilling for us. A life coach can help you get clear on where you are, where you want to go and what you want to experience out of life so you start living to your full potential.

Do you feel stuck in your life right now?

You know you can do much more with your life but don't know how.

Do you want to contribute of your talents and feel totally aligned with your life purpose?

Are you tired and stressed out about achieving goals that are not really yours? Do you want to take control of your own life?

Light Workers

It’s important to cultivate your inner light every day. Learn how to do clearing prayers and  how to work with your guardian angels.  Your work here is to keep the Light shining.

Meditation Coaching

Find the right meditation for you! From online programs to direct coaching sessions, we can find together the right meditation that will work for you.

Great Awakening

Enlightenment is for everybody. When you wake up spiritually you tend to see life differently and suddenly you awaken from the illusions of this world. I hope I can guide you on this path. 

Yoga Teacher Training

I created a unique way of sequencing your yoga classes while following the seasons. This revolutionary approach to yoga has helped teachers accross Canada and France offer a unique experience for each season.

What Is the Great Awakening?

People are waking up from the dreams they had for all their lives. They find out about the atrocities happening all over the world. They find out that, yes indeed, we are not alone in this Universe and we have actually been working with other beings for many years. They find out that everything they have been fed all their lives through the medias and Hollywood was all orchestrated to feed us with a program that keeps us distracted. The Elites  have been doing  what most of us cannot even comprehend. The Great Awakening is knowing about  it and holding the Light into our hearts. As empaths, it is difficult to discover the Truth but necessary to empower us.

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How can Janick's teachings help me clarify my purpose?

Janick will help you establish a meditation practice that allows you to connect with the wisdom of your heart. In today’s world, we mostly follow our rational mind and we feel disconnected with our own inner guidance. Janick will guide you to reconnect with what you came here to accomplish.

Why is meditation the foundation of your teachings?

We have to make space for our essence to emerge and for that, we need to find a place where we can be at peace and silent. A place that we can only access when we remove ourselves from our daily activities and sit quietly for long enough so that we will be inspired.

My stress level is extremely high and I work in a very competitve environement. How is Heart Coherence going to help me achieve more?

Remember that coherence is like a frequency wave. As an example, when you are angry or stressed out, your heart sends uncoherent signals, and when you feel grateful, you are emanating a beautiful coherent signal out into the world. That’s contagious; it not only benefits you, but those around you as well.

I am goal oriented and I accomplish a lot, why is your teaching good for me?

To really become in charge of our own life, you need to start a practice that allows you to observe your own inner processes.

Only then, can you turn your life around from « what can I get? » to « how can I serve? » and let your true self emanating out in the world.

If you’ve accomplished a lot and still feel empty inside, it might be a good time to ask yourself: What am I the best at? How can I serve the world around me? What brings me pure joy?

How to know which program to take? Online or live call/webinar session?

You can look into everything she offers online.

Make This Your Best Life

Four Step to Get What You Really Want – Mindfully

Make This Your Best Life offers tools to open a path to self-actualization. It is less about manifesting things or striving for achievements or suggesting that wealth will make you happy and more about living a meaningful life. You can transform the way you live each day when you know what you have to do; you do not have to seek approval anymore. You can contribute in your own unique way. You can find your purpose and emanate the life you truly want for yourself – here and now.

Online and Live Coaching Resources

PRESENCE: Heart Coherence

Presence is a program to get you started on meditation and heart coherence breathing. This 4-week intensive training can help you build resilience so you have more vitality and accomplish more of what you want.  Janick is certified by the Heart Math Institute to teach advanced Heart Coherence techniques.

The Essentials of Great Awakening

One week to help you get a few drops of TRUTHS from this world that will blow your mind! You want to know why you came to this Earth? Start by knowing how it is really played out…

In Person Healing

You wish to get one-on-one session with me? My office is in Montt-Tremblant, Quebec, Canada. Or we can set-up a ZOOM session.

 Coherence Healing and/or EFT

First session: 90$

One-on-one Session: 70$

Online Session: 60$

What You Seek 

is Seeking You.

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