Janick Leonard

Meditation, Coherence and Yoga Teacher & Author

Helping you channel your authentic self

Hi, I’m Janick! I am passionate about human potential and love helping women create a life aligned with their values so they can feel fulfilled and connect with the higher purpose of life.

My Story

I became a fashion designer, launched my own clothing line at age 22 and worked as a stylist for magazines. After about five years, I felt stuck. Everything I had dreamed about seemed so far from my reality and I felt desillusioned. I felt alone, drained, exhausted and betrayed by the people in the industry. I pushed myself to a point where I could no longer see clearly what I had to do or where I wanted to go, everything seemed heavy and blurry.  I was overwhelmed. After about a year in total confusion, I let everything fall apart. I was showing up for work without being there with all my heart. I was depressed, ashamed and I just wanted to hide from everyone. I decided to close my business and take a break. At age 28, I was a bit lost and din’t know what to do with my life. After a few months of soul searching, I realized I was passionate about human potential and how the mind and body can heal when you give them the right nourishment.

I then studied naturopathy and started practicing yoga and meditation. I experienced a profound connection with who I was and I discovered my purpose here on Earth. Everything mystical and spiritual became my reality and the 3D material world became a simple commodity for my experience here on Earth. 

I want every person I work with to experience this profound connection with their soul’s mission.


My Values & Beliefs

You have unique talents

Sometimes we think that what we want to create has already been done. I believe, that no one has done it the way you want to create it. The world needs each one of us to step out of our comfort zone and start using our unique talents.

Redefining success

What is calling from within is what you are here to create and manifest. Your contribution matters. Most people think that success is equal to «go Big or go Home» … I totally disagree! To me the definition of success is the level of happiness we experience while doing the things we love, and knowing that we make a difference, period.

Stress is a choice

We all have the power to control our reactions to the situations we experience on a daily basis. With the right tools, we can learn to respond in a way that feels empowering and detached from the drama of our lives. We can teach our brains and bodies to connect with the heart’s intelligence and live a more peaceful life.

If you want to master your life, you have to master energy

We can create anything in our lives, the only obstacle to our goals and dreams is in the way we think and feel. When we become mindful of our thought processes and how we react to those thoughts, we can decide how we are going to feel in any situation. Life no longer happens to us. We make life happen for us.

My Approach

I believe we all have the answers within us. I will help you connect with your own wisdom, your own inner compass so you can manifest the life you are here to live.

I can help you if you are willing to do the work. I know that if you follow through on my coaching, you will experience major breakthroughs in your life. 

If you are looking for the magic answer or the magic solution to your problems, I am not your coach. I will focus on your strenghts and I will teach you how to meditate, I will show you how you can control your stress levels and I will coach you on being the best you can be so you can start living your life purpose.

My approach will only work if you are willing to release all judgements on what you thought about meditation, mindful living, yoga and awakening to your higher self… and only if you discipline yourself to do the work!

I hope you join me on this journey!


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