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Take the Pills or Meditate?

When you read about how we are coping with stressful situations, I find it alarming to see that so many people don't know how to cope... it has become overwhelming to deal with today's challenges and it is sad to see that most people will go for medication. «Mood and...

Welcome to my blog! I write about everything that I discover on the path to awakening. I am passionate about meditation and I believe that every one can experience enlightenment in this lifetime.

I realized that the Great Awakening was not only about spiritual awakening but also and most importantly about awakening to the truths of this world. One must know about what is really happening on Earth, even if it is difficult to aknowledge. It is our responsibility to do our spiritual practices daily and experience our spiritual awakening while being fully aware of our true history and the illusions of this world we live in.

Once we awaken, we cannot go back to not knowing.




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