When you read about how we are coping with stressful situations, I find it alarming to see that so many people don’t know how to cope… it has become overwhelming to deal with today’s challenges and it is sad to see that most people will go for medication.

«Mood and anxiety disorders are among the most common types of mental disorders in Canada and have been shown to have a major impact on the daily lives of those affected. In 2013, an estimated 3 million Canadians (11.6%) aged 18 years or older reported that they had a mood and/or anxiety disorder. » Ref

«Consumption of antidepressants in Canada is the third-highest among 23 developed countries surveyed by the OECD»

When you are experiencing anxiety attacks or feeling stressed out regularly, you need to evaluate what is increasing your stress level and what can help you feel more at peace.

I do believe that medication is the best option for many people who are going through some challenges but I find that we are too quick on getting on those pills instead of looking for healthy ways to live through difficult times.

We don’t take the time to explore meditation, breath work, doing a phychotherapy or making some lifestyle changes because it is so much easier to just take pills. We don’t have to change anything about ourselves, we’re just ignoring the signals and we pretend we are happy… well, that’s what we see on social medias anyway! 

I am not saying that everybody on antidepressants are not doing the inner work and trying their best to get better, I am just making a point that if we are amongst the highest antidepressants users, there is something we need to do differently.

You can dramatically improve your life by modifying your lifestyle. The regular practice of meditation can help you achieve that. But you have to do the work. Every single day, take this time for yourself, you deserve it.

You have to take responsibility for your own life. This is where most people get stuck. They get help but they are not committed to do the work! Sadly, it is the reason why I stopped doing one-on-one coaching! I didn’t want people to count on me for their well being… I wanted them to take responsibility and actually do the work. But most of them didn’t. And I am not good at having to motivate them!!!

I have been doing «the work» for over twenty years and trust me it is not always easy. Sometimes life gets in the way and I loose commitment on my daily practice. But the key here is being aware and catching myself when I don’t feel the love for myself anymore… I don’t have to be perfect, I just have to pick myself up, sit on my meditation cushion and start again. Ten minutes or an hour, it doesn’t matter, as long as I am going back to nothingness every single day, I am happy and I feel the benefits right away!

So I invite you to honestly look at your lifestyle, and make a commitment to yourself to transform one thing that is no longer serving your intention to live mindfully. Then grab your journal and write about what you intend to do. Take a few minutes to be in silence, watch your breath and just feel your whole being at this moment…

Have a wonderful day!